Friday, 13 January 2017


TRIESTE FILM FESTIVAL is opening its doors on the 20th January in the city and this year apart from showcasing a wide range of European and International films, it features a variety of collateral events, talks, exhibitions and performances. 

Inside the Magazzino delle Idee, just behind Teatro Miela, one of the main venues of the event, you can find an exhibition which explores mermaids and sirens as mythological creatures, which could blur the boundaries between male and female, animal and human. With works by Mario Magajna, Diletta Allegra Mazza, Ugo Pierri e Aldo Sbadiglio, this excibition is part of "VARCARE LA FRONTIERA #4 Flussi di Marea" and is curated by Mila Lazić and Massimiliano Schiozzi.

As part of the opening night of the exhibition, photographer Nika Furlani and I, are going to present our new performance piece, always under the curation of Massimo Premuda, called SIRENE FLUIDE.

This new collaboration takes the thread from BI_ONTE and continues the dialogue between body and live projections from the episcope. This time we view the body as a hybrid space where masculinity and femininity, animal and human blend,  become uncertain and their limits are questioned. 


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Piu' o meno positivi #6

'Communication' is the theme of the 6th edition of the 'Piu o Meno Positivi'Festival for the sensibilization on HIV, which takes place in the heart of the city of Trieste this December.
For 4 days, the public can get free and anonymous HIV tests, see exhibitions, participate in special events and lectures.  
I am more than happy to participate in the event with an interactive installation, which will run throughout the four days of the festival. A Common Thread aims to create a platform for people to experience different points of view on HIV, communicate and share their ideas and personal experiences.
If you are around Trieste do come by Palazzo Costanzi, piazza Piccola 2 and take a look!

Find the Facebook Event HERE.

Monday, 23 May 2016


For the past month, I had the great pleasure to be collaborating with one of the most fascinating photographers from Trieste Nika Furlani and my always favourite curator Massimo Premuda, to construct a small in-progress performance for the closing event of the current exhibition in Double Room Gallery. 
'BODIFICATION, the body as a cultural object' is an exhibition dedicated to the transformations and modifications of the contemporary body, which becomes more and more fragmented and the process of its reconstruction even more complex. The performance 'Bi_Onte' was inspired by the current photographic works of Nika, 'Herbalius', and it's an active dialogue between the performer's actions and the visual proposals of the photographer. In this dialogue, fragmented parts of the female body, are recomposed and revealed,hidden in the darkness or exposed to light. From an ancient time-defying statuesque torso made of stone to the blooming eternal spring, the female body transforms and is transformed to reveal notions of its identity as a cultural and social object.

If you are around Trieste on FRIDAY 27th MAY 2016, come by Double Room  for the closing party of BODIFICATION and to see our new piece! 


Photos by: Nika Furlani.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

A.E.E.U.L.A.G.A.S.L Video Documentation presented in VIDEONOTTE #3 in Trieste

So happy to be participating in one of the most exciting realities here in Trieste.

VIDEONOTTE #3 Videoperformance is an nocturnal marathon taking place in 8 different spaces, with 11 videos from Italian and international performance artists. It's a project created by Casa dell' Arte and in this edition there will be many exciting artists to keep an eye on.

I will be participating with the video documentation of Everything Ends Up Looking As Glorious As Still Life, so if you are around Trieste next Saturday 12th December pass by BRA11 to find me :)

HERE the Facebook Event


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Local Artist is Present #10

The Local Artist is Present is a series of events that take place in various spots in Trieste, Italy and that aim to introduce to locals, but also to tourists, the city through the eyes of its artists. 
From the 19th June till the end of September artists from various disciplines meet up, speak about their view of the city, have a drink and give tips to visitors. 

For the 10th edition of this events I will be interviewed by the always fantastic Massimo Premuda, at the Bookshop In Der Tat in the city centre of Trieste.
If you are around this afternoon you are more than welcome :)

Facebook Event HERE

Friday, 29 May 2015

Photos from the Candy GIrl @ Double Room, Trieste - 28/5/2015

          Yesterday, I performed for the 7th time my performance Candy Girl at the Double Room Gallery in Trieste, Italy. The piece was performed as the final event of a series of exhibitions, talks and  performances: TI MANGIO CON GLI OCCHI nuove liaisons alimentari curated by Massimo Premuda

      It was the first time I performed this piece in Trieste and the second time in Italy and it was a very exciting and emotional experience. The participants were involved, interested and after the performance I enjoyed talking to them about my and their experience of the performance. Even after performing it for the 7th time, I think that this performance deeply changes, evolves and transforms every time and becomes a unique experience for both me and the participants. 


I would like to give many thanks to the fantastic Giulia Livia of Impatto Visivo Trieste for the fantastic photos and the documentation of the performance as well as for her amazing help! Many thanks also to Massimo Premuda and Valeria Castellaneta for everything!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Ti Mangio Con GLi Occhi !

Hey everyone!

I'm very proud and happy to announce that I will be performing the Candy Piece once more !
This time in the fantastic Double Room in Trieste Italy in an event curated by the amazing Massimo Premuda.
The exhibition is focused on opening new discussions and finding new approaches to food and it will feature original artworks, talks and performances. There will be also some pictures taken by Alice Bariselli of  previous performances of the piece on the walls of the gallery!

More info of the event here: !