the painful i- scream/ Round 1

Lets transform together. Body and object.
Our identities will transform.

The ice cream from cold, pretty, tastefull will melt through my body warmth into something disgusting, useless,ugly...abject.

I from warm, totally myself, I will become cold and this bodily transformation will lead to a tranfsormation of my identity.( Did it happen because of the pain caused by the cold?)

Our images will change.

You are going to be from pretty, stable, purposefull, a useless mellted disgusting cream.

I am going to be from neutral into extreme cold and pain.

Our identities will transform..are we going to be the same? are we still the same?

This was an experiment on double transformation, abjection and image.


  1. !
    παγωτο ειν αυτο;
    ωραια ιδεα και φωτογραφιες:)


    (και αγκαλια)

  2. ναι παγωτο...

    ηταν σοκολατα, φραουλα, βανιλια...

    αλλα ποναγε παρα πολυ :( δεν το περιμενα...

    (και αγκαλια)


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