Cupcake Crime Scene (photos from the rehearsal)

In Creative Strategies class we did this workshop in which each person would go to the supermarket and buy or brink anything that relates to his/her practice in the studio. Then we had half and hour to set up an instalation or think of an action including our bodies and these objects in Laban.

I brought:
2 packs of 9 mini cupcakes
1 squeezer of strawberry flavoured sause for ice cream
1 bottle of milk
1 Hundrend and Thousands sprinkles 

The location I choose was in the fields outside Laban which are now covered with snow...I choose a location of snow that noone had stepped on.

What I did is that I first washed my hands with milk, then took the cupcakes one by one, then I squeezed them with my hands or with a fork and I placed them in the fresh snow. Then I sqeezed some strawberry sause so that it seemed like blood and then I would put some sprikles on the top like there were broken pieces of the cupcake. When I did the same with all the cupcakes I washed my hands with milk again.

What I was thinking was mostly playing with the audiences perception of things. I used lifeless objects to create a death scene which by definition it must include something that was alive before. I created a scene that on the one hand was merely with objects laying on the snow but in human imagination this was a scene of death.
Strawberry sauce becomes blood, springles become body parts and the cupcakes become dead bodies left in the snow bleeding.
I wanted to experiment on the way we perceive images as humans and on the way we constuct images. The way that squeezing a cupcake  would create emotions of pity.

I used the milk for some reasons that I know and for some that I dont in terms that it was just ituition and then I started thinking of the implications of that action. I just needed something to maybe purify my hands before and after "killing" the cupcakes. I needed something pure, carrying all these notions of motherhood, familiarity,home. But also milk in terms of the traumatic of maternity, of the bleeding female, of the loss. Or maybe because of something else which I should think about more...

These are some of the pictures taken by me of the rehearsal of the Cupcake Crime Scene:


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