The cooking lipsinger. Experiment @ Laban during Research and Development workshops

2 tables put together.
On the table I had: 2 cans of custard, 2 wipped creams, 5 folders of heaven delight chocolate flavour, 2 packs of marsmellows,2 litres of milk,1 kilo flour, 1 kilo of sugar, 2 packs of milk and white chocolate, 1 jar of marmelade, 10 large eggs, 1 pack of chocolate covered raisings, 1 litre of chocolate flavoured milk.
5 extra large bin bags

Sweet Dreams- Beyonce
Toxic- Britney Spears
Amazing Grace
Hot&Cold- Katy Perry

(taken from my Notebook, these are the only points I had desined before the performance )

  1. Start cooking, move like Nigella, say to Ania to start the first piece, lipsinging, create first mess.Clouds with  Flour,sugar overdo the doses, put fingers in, taste. Ask to stop before the last chorus.
  2. Then ask  Toxic(before playing the song prepare the next igridients like nothing happened) Smile, Tikle hair.Stop toxic after electronic voice. Again smile like nothing happened.
  3. Amazing grace. During the music introduction prepare 1 mix of Heaven delight chocolate, during the "amazing grace how, sweet the sound" lipsing and pur the mix on my head. Repeat 5 times
  4. Start "Hot and Cold". Eggs, marsmellows and sugar. Before the "someone call the doctor" part tell Ania to pause the song, then say to her that she has to come and pour the chocolate milk over my head for that part and the tell her to resume the music and when the part starts she has to pour the milk as I am lipsinging. Then as soon as ania goes back stop the song.
expect from that I havent set all my other actions exept that I wanted to create a mess, overdo Nigellas movements and lipsing the songs.

I wanted to film the experiment but I couldnt find someone for the these are some photos that ania managed to take.

Special thanks to my tutor and the guys that took us half an hour to clean the studio afterwards.

photos:Ania Paez



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