'On Landguard Point' Teaser

Hey Guys,

Take a look at the beautiful teaser of the movie 'On Landguard Point' the new film by Pacitti Company.

 On Landguard Point is a non-narrative film built through poetry, patchwork, maps and slips of story. Woven together these forms accumulate ideas around what home means. Shot entirely in the East of England, On Landguard Point is partial and makes no claim to speak for everyone or even a whole region. In 2011, the On Landguard Point team gathered stories and local knowledge with help from East of England residents to develop the project culminating in a feature length film. Inspired by the histories and culture of the East of England, On Landguard Point exists at an intersection between live performance, community and cinema – where local people and places really do become the stars of the show. (text source)

I took part in this movie as a performer in a choreography-project by Helena Hunter    and it was one of the best experiences of my life!


On Landguard Point Teaser from Pacitti Company on Vimeo.


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