Research Residency, Workshop and Performance in Trieste, Italy.

        Last week I was so happy to welcome in Italy the musician ( I call him music choreographer), composer and performer Kiriakos Spyrou to join me and singer Irene Brigitte as a resident artist in the Music Association Jambo Gabri   for an intense 3 day research project under the name of 'circolo, which opened up to the public through a performance on CXG 5° Edizione Festival and an artist lead open workshop/ sharing of the process. 

The project focused on the sharing of methods and disciplines between artists that come from different backgrounds and the exploration of a common language between people that never worked together before.

The research was task-based and each artist was given half a day to do his/her own workshop- session in order to share ways of working, experience and ideas and generate material which was then integrated into our presentation and open workshop.

We perceived this project as an open process and a free space to experiment, to propose ideas and answer and generate questions. The public performance was not designed as the presentation of a  final product, but as a showing of the point we arrived in our exploration. The workshop that took place the day after the performance was to high-lighten this fact, the process its open, our scores, experiments and ideas can be shared and experienced with others.

    Photo by: Monica Benincasa


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