For the past month, I had the great pleasure to be collaborating with one of the most fascinating photographers from Trieste Nika Furlani and my always favourite curator Massimo Premuda, to construct a small in-progress performance for the closing event of the current exhibition in Double Room Gallery. 
'BODIFICATION, the body as a cultural object' is an exhibition dedicated to the transformations and modifications of the contemporary body, which becomes more and more fragmented and the process of its reconstruction even more complex. The performance 'Bi_Onte' was inspired by the current photographic works of Nika, 'Herbalius', and it's an active dialogue between the performer's actions and the visual proposals of the photographer. In this dialogue, fragmented parts of the female body, are recomposed and revealed,hidden in the darkness or exposed to light. From an ancient time-defying statuesque torso made of stone to the blooming eternal spring, the female body transforms and is transformed to reveal notions of its identity as a cultural and social object.

If you are around Trieste on FRIDAY 27th MAY 2016, come by Double Room  for the closing party of BODIFICATION and to see our new piece! 


Photos by: Nika Furlani.


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