TRIESTE FILM FESTIVAL is opening its doors on the 20th January in the city and this year apart from showcasing a wide range of European and International films, it features a variety of collateral events, talks, exhibitions and performances. 

Inside the Magazzino delle Idee, just behind Teatro Miela, one of the main venues of the event, you can find an exhibition which explores mermaids and sirens as mythological creatures, which could blur the boundaries between male and female, animal and human. With works by Mario Magajna, Diletta Allegra Mazza, Ugo Pierri e Aldo Sbadiglio, this excibition is part of "VARCARE LA FRONTIERA #4 Flussi di Marea" and is curated by Mila Lazić and Massimiliano Schiozzi.

As part of the opening night of the exhibition, photographer Nika Furlani and I, are going to present our new performance piece, always under the curation of Massimo Premuda, called SIRENE FLUIDE.

This new collaboration takes the thread from BI_ONTE and continues the dialogue between body and live projections from the episcope. This time we view the body as a hybrid space where masculinity and femininity, animal and human blend,  become uncertain and their limits are questioned. 



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